A downloadable game for Windows

A true speed runners test, but remember.. violence is not the way. Become a ball of pure tenacity, and discover what mystery lies atop your temple's mountain.

Things to Note:
- Numpad Keys can be used for character selection.
- Over 100 different characters to choose from!
- Your temperament and speed will be measured, and you will be graded accordingly.

Install instructions

Download and play instantly!


Ninja-Balls.exe 48 MB


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It has some rather unique ideas. One of them is that instead of jumping, you bounce by rapidly going downwards. At first, playing felt slow and difficult, but it actually works once you get the ball rolling. Bonus points for the easy "download the .exe and play" installation.

I'd like to invite this game to our Game Development World Championship!

That's very much appreciated, this was my first game and I always want timing to play a large part in movement. I've submitted my game out of curiosity mostly, I don't expect much to come of it. I'm working on something quite interesting now that I have a solid foundation, perhaps next year I'll make a real splash!

Okay, thanks for entering! Judging by this, some bigger project definitely sounds promising.